• What are the components of a long-range rfid system?

    The long-range rfid system consists of reader, antenna tuner, receiving antenna, transmitting antenna, embedded software five parts, without radio frequency card.
  • How can I get help if I have a problem with my system?

    If something goes wrong with the product you bought, please get in touch with the technical support team. You can call (86) 592-3194688 or send an E-mail to .
  • How reliable is the product? Is there a bit error rate?

    The product of this system has non- blind area, no blind Angle, and non-directional in the identification area. After the radio frequency card is activated by the signal, it only transmits its unique card number, which does not need complicated procedures such as reading and writing and repeated verification,The vast majority of work by the background computer to complete, so the communication operation is simple, fast, high reliability, generally in the effective induction region will not appear in the identification error.
  • What is the maximum identification distance of the product?

    The recognition distance is 1 ~ 6 meters, the recognition distance and the recognition range can be adjusted.
  • How safe is the product? Is there a security hole?

    The system equipment and radio frequency card for users to provide a unique confidentiality, fundamentally eliminate the phenomenon of copying, forgery and cheating. In the system, each rf card has a unique identification code that cannot be recoded or modified. In the process of work, the rf card produces a unique compound encoding identification number. The decoded compound signal reflected from the card must contain the correct card number encryption information, so as to achieve high security, and there is no security hole.
  • How often does the product work? Is it harmless to humans?

    The transmitting antenna of this system has a frequency of 132KHz and a receiving frequency of 315MHz. The transmitting power of the card is of the microwatt level and has no electromagnetic pollution to human body.
  • How many cards can you recognize at most? What is the size of the card?

    Existing systems can identify multiple card at the same time. At present, there are many types of identification card to be choosed.
  • How about the maintenance of hardware system?

    Hardware system maintenance according to the company's provisions: one year of free maintenance or replacement, after one year to provide a lifetime of paid service.
  • What other services can you get after purchasing the product?

    When the first time you buy our product and installation and debugging of the construction project, our company can send technical personnel to install debugging technical guidance, but sent by my company technical personnel round-trip air fare, accommodation needs to be borne by you, for my company to provide you with product price does not include the cost of installation and debugging of technical guidance. In addition, you can directly send technicians to our company for technical training.
  • How to connect to a computer to read the identification card number?

    This system provides the standard 232 communication interface and the computer connection, after the purchase contract is signed, our company may provide the "communication agreement" of this system to your unit.
  • What is the service life of this hardware system?

    Due to the revolution in CPU and other chip technology, the usable life of hardware system is more than 10 years.
  • Is it possible to print text, images and other information on the radio frequency card?

    Is it possible to print text, images and other information on the radio frequency card?
    The printing of your company's text and image on the radio frequency card is of the nature of labeling, so it is generally required to order more than 10,000 CARDS at a time before the company considers it.
  • What is the service life?

    The service life of the card is about 10 years.
  • Are there any special requirements for the installation method of reader and antenna tuner?

    The reader and the antenna regulator are generally required to be placed indoors and connected to the computer. If the signal acquisition point is more than 6 meters away from the monitoring room, the outdoor case for the reader and antenna regulator (the outdoor case shall be waterproof and dustproof) should be placed on the side of the signal acquisition point in an appropriate place, so as to make the system work in an optimal state.
  • How is the transmitting antenna installed? Do metal facilities have any impact on them?

    The installation of transmitting antenna is more flexible, which can be cut in the ground and buried in the ground, or made into a road sign to stand next to the signal collection point, or embedded in the wall, or installed above the door frame. The distance between the transmitting antenna and the metal material is generally required to be more than 100 mm. In addition, the size of the transmitting antenna can be adjusted, the shape can be adjusted according to the actual situation, with a strong site adaptability.
  • How is the card installed? Do metal facilities have any impact on them?

    At present, our company's identification cards are mainly divided into personal cards and car cards, among which personal cards do not need to be installed and can be carried around. There are two types of vehicle cards: installed and uninstalled. The installed vehicle identification card can be installed at the bottom of the vehicle, with sealing, waterproof and shockproof design. The identification card for the uninstalled vehicle can be placed in the car or carried with you.
  • How to keep the card after purchase?

    The identification card requires a metal shielding box for shielding storage or storage. It is strictly prohibited to store the non-metallic packaging materials such as cartons and wooden cases for the radio frequency card in the working area of the system.
  • How is the receiving antenna installed? Do metal facilities have any impact on them?

    The receiving antenna can be made into a road sign to stand next to the signal collection point, or mounted on a wall or door frame, or combined with the transmitting antenna to be mounted next to the signal collection point.
  • Does the product require an application environment? What are the highest and lowest temperatures?

    The product does not have great requirements for the application environment, The Codetag-Alien Reader can adapt to -20℃ ~ +45℃, and ETAG21 electronic tag -30℃ ~ +60℃.
  • Can the system effectively identify the vehicle when the traffic speed reaches 100km/h?

    When the speed of the vehicle reaches 100km/h, the system can still identify the card effectively, but it reduces the number of CARDS that can be identified at the same time.
  • How to solve the background management software?

    When our company is required to assist in the development of background management software, our company can sign a "software commissioned development contract" with your company to assist in the development, and the cost of software development shall be borne by your company.
  • How to judge which monitoring point is passed by personnel?

    The system hardware can set the address code, different addresses represent different monitoring points. The system can set the address of the monitoring point.
  • Do you have products that combine long distance with short distance?

    The company's products have been successfully developed into a multi-purpose one card product that integrates long-distance and short-distance, and truly realize the "one card".
  • How does the product judge whether the personnel are in or out?

    There are two solutions for judging personnel access.
    Scheme 1 is solved by the hardware of the system, that is two identification systems are installed in one monitoring (such as access control system), and one identification system is installed before, after or on the left and right of one monitoring, which is divided into area a and area B. the system software can set ab (i.e. first collect to A, then collect to b) as the in, and BA (i.e. first collect to B, then collect to A) as the out.
    Scheme 2 is solved by the software of the system, that is, the information collected for the first time is in, and the information collected for the second time is out, so it can be judged by this cycle.
  • What are your requirements for product agents?

    First, the agent shall meet the following conditions before applying for agency qualification according to the specified procedures:
    (1) Independent legal person.
    (2) Have good business reputation and have certain influence in the local area.
    (3) Carry out marketing work in strict accordance with the provisions of the agency system.
    (4) Familiar with the security market in the agent area (or industry), experienced, strong market development ability.
    (5) Strong technical support and after-sales service capabilities.